Law of Attraction

The Universal

Law of Attraction says ”That which is like unto itself is drawn”, or ”like attracts like”. This means that what you are focused on expands. Your thoughts creates your emotions and your emotions becomes your vibration. So if you are focused on ”not enough money”, the lack of money is your point of attraction and what you will receive more of. If
you are focused on what is not working, more of what is not working is coming to you. Vibration is a frequency, like the music from a certain radio channel has its frequency. You can’t hear and receive the music from 98.1 if you have the radio at 95.3. So to receive money you have to have the same vibration, emotion, as money, and that could be the vibration of abundance, freedom… so to have money you have to FEEL abundant and free.

Law of deliberate creation

When you know the law of attraction, you want to choose consciously were to put your focus. Focus on what you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want. What you focus on expands!

Law of allowing
Once you know and have clarity and focus on what you want, you need to allow it to come! This means chill and allow! Believe before you see it and relax into receiving! You need to be in a happy state of mind and the most easy way to allow is to focus on the good and take care of you and to love and appreciate you and what you already have!

Thank you Abraham Hicks for all the tools and inspiration!

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