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Angel of Sweden

  • 9Putting everybody else first and yourself at the bottom of the list?
  • 9Lost the belief in being happy?
  • 9Lost the hope of a better life?
  • 9Lost your power?
  • 9Lost the connection with yourself?
If you can’t see the light anymore, I AM here for you!

I am

Angela Christel Maria


In other words angel the Christian Maria

A suitable name for someone always being there for others. Until I realized I gave away my power. Until I realized I was just sad and lonely deep inside, with no real happiness. I felt like I was just standing beside and watching life. Life was not for me. I didn’t walk the talk and had to make a change.

I took a decision to connect with myself on a deeper level and to trust the law of attraction, the source/God, and that

life should not be a struggle and the universe/God has my back!

In my whole life, I’ve put others first, taking care of others, being there, caring, helping. For good and for bad. Bad because giving away all your energy and being the least important in your life isn’t a good example of how to live a happy life. You have to give to yourself first to have something to offer to others. You have to love yourself first to fully love others. When you are in darkness you have lost your connection with yourself and the source/God. I found tools to get away from lonely, sad and depressing thoughts and feelings. I found peace in not regretting the past, and not thinking everything is too late, because it’s never too late and the only important thing is the present.

Because the past is gone and the future is the present tomorrow when it comes.

I found tools to feel happy even in the darkest situations, even in my struggle. I found tools to create self-love, appreciation and a strong mindset, I found my connection with my inner being and the source/God and in that way, I found my power and love. And you can too!

I’ve been told…

I have to write “my story” in a very selling, pitching way. And of course preferably a “success story”. I don’t have a fantastic story to tell you, about how I went from poor to rich and now traveling all over the world.

I’ve also been told I can’t reach out to you without writing perfect grammatic english or being edited. I am from Sweden and I am here for you as authentic as I can be.

I’ve been told to share the details about my life, the sad and the dark, so you can’t stop reading and feeling OMG this is terrible. I will not. Learning more and digging deeper into the law of attraction, I know that staying in the past or in things you don’t want, to talk about it and to write about it makes it even more alive and affecting your vibration and what you are creating in your present.

What you focus on expands.

So I will not give you any details about dark, sad and lonely times. Because I’ve already been there, and if you are at my page, you are probably struggling in some way already. I think we want to focus on good things coming instead, to make that expand in our minds.

To leave the past and if the present is bad, let’s start right now to make it the past!

I took a decision…

To leave the darkness behind, and if you are still reading, you are also ready for a change, to be the creator of your life. And even if it doesn’t start with a pouring rain of money coming to you, IT STARTS WITH YOU and to feel better, to feel good with yourself and a hope and belief of the life you want. And to have the courage to believe that ALL IS WELL, right now and right here, in spite your reality isn’t the one you want. Yet.

What I’ve been through created my mission that no one should feel alone and sad. You are pure POWER, love and happiness and all is well where you are, and I am here to remind you!


aka Angel of Sweden
Certified Law of attraction coach (QSCA, exam 2015)
Lifestyle & nutrition coach (Paul Chek, Chekinstitute)
Physiotherapist and store manager
Speaker and joyseeker

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