Change Your Reality Now!

Stop feeling sad!

When you are feeling sad and alone, you lost the connection with your soul/inner-being, yourself! Then you feel sad and lost! To connect again you need to take care of yourself, put yourself first, and remember what you love to do and what makes you happy! START YOUR NEW NOW!

Stop feeling alone!

You are never alone! You have all the love you need within you, you just lost it! It’s there for you to find again, and to reconnect with! And when you do, magic happens on the outside too! It starts with YOU, from your inside to the outside!

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Your now reality is already created! What you focus on NOW creates your future! If you hold your happy thoughts for at least 17 seconds you are already on a higher vibe! You can change your reality HERE AND NOW if you just have the tools to do so! It’s all there for you, let’s create together!

How Can I Help You?

We will have a look at your current situation and what you want to change.

What is your dream life, what does it look like? What do you want? If you don’t know, we will find it out!

You will have “lessons”, tools, every week.  Tools you can continue to use for the rest of your life to make your daily life how you want it.

We will take a look at The Law of Attraction and how you can change your point of attraction and create the reality you want. 

You don’t have to regret the decisions you took, life is in the present, and from here we will create your future!

All is well, darling, and I got your back!

Work with me to change your point of attraction, shift your mindset and transform your life!

3 Weeks  PowerBoost Program

  • Week 1 will start with getting clarity of your situation and needs. You will fill in a questionary.
  • I hour private coaching and tools to practice. You will have my support and you will never feel alone!
  • Week 2 we are checking your tools and your mindset and you will have some more tools added.
  • We continue with 1-hour private coaching and between the coaching sessions, you have my support.
  • Week 3 we are making a plan for your vision, your future, and make sure you have all the tools you need to have the transformation you want!
  • We are having our last coaching session and you are good to go! You are power boosted into your new mindset and life!

5 Weeks Transformation Program

This Program has the same schedule as the 3 weeks PowerBoost Program, but with more tools and two more private coaching sessions.

I am supporting you along the way, we are having contact between the sessions and you will have some more time with me to transform your life and to feel safe and never alone.

During these 5 weeks, you will have a major change in your mindset and start to attract what you want in life

12 Weeks New You Program

In this Mega Program, you will have 10 private coaching sessions and all the support you need in between the sessions.

You are on a life-changing journey and we are looking at all areas of your life! Your sleeping habits, your eating habits, exercise, and of course, your mindset and self-love is the big topic!

After these 12 weeks, you will be a New You, and you can expect miracles!

Love From Clients


“Working with Angela is one of the best things I ever did!

When I started working with Angela I was confused with everything in my life. From my marriage to my business. I felt like I was running around in circles with no end in sight. Angela helped me get clear on what it is that I really wanted! She encouraged me to dream big, waaaay bigger than I was doing. Together we broke down my wall of fears piece by piece. She helped me raise my vibration and really within a week I saw magic happen in my life.

Because of my work with Angela, my husband and I are back on the same page, my new business is growing faster than I thought and I no longer feel like I am running in circles. I really believe that Angela
is the best VIBEcoach there is and if you want to start feeling magic in your life.. You need her too!”

Nayvary, businesscoach

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